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2013-07-20 11:31 pm

((Kind of sort of continued from the panty raid thread))

[The cafeteria is almost right next to the students' rooms, but it feels like a longer walk than it actually is if you've been fallen on twice and trampled once within the past ten minutes. Still, that isn't going to stop Kiyotaka Ishimaru from staying properly hydrated. He marches more or less normally into the kitchen area, obtains a glass, and fills it with water from the sink. He almost reaches for a second glass, but looks back at his companion.] Do you want water as well?
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2013-06-24 10:59 pm


I have been tasked with the job of making a list of everyone who would be willing to play a friendly game with Ludenberg-kun and I! Unless I'm mistaken, you would only have to set aside an hour or so in your schedule for it! Please let me know as soon as possible if you'd like to "have fun" with us!
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2013-06-21 08:56 pm
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I've been thinking... perhaps some of us should form a study group! I'm sure that we all have different academic strengths and weaknesses, and if we were to help each other work to understand the subjects we find more difficult, we might all perform better as a result! It would help us make the most of our experience here as well!
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2013-06-04 09:19 pm
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[It took Ishimaru long enough to actually write out that apology and find The Delinquent by himself] [He walks right up to the troublemaker, looks him dead in the eye and thrusts a crisply folded piece of notebook paper in his face]
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2013-05-30 03:05 pm
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Hello, fellow students!

I am honored to join all of you at Hope's Peak Academy as your classmate. My name is Kiyotaka Ishimaru, for those I have not yet introduced myself to! I am certain that we will all get along splendidly, as long as we all behave in accordance with the rules. Let's all do our best to achieve great things in our academic careers and work together well!